MacMac Irrigation

Install the Best & Service the Rest

MacMac Irrigation offers an array of user-friendly controllers with smart water-saving options to fit any landscape irrigation system.

Our full selection of the best quality gear driven and normal spray pattern pop ups and shrub spray heads meets the highest design standards in the industry.


Browse our drip irrigation solutions that are designed for any crop, soil type, water quality, and climate.

Pumps designed for the realisation of pressurization units in water systems and filling of pressure vessels. Suitable for sprinkler systems and other general water supply uses.

Multi-impeller borehole pumps for clean water, designed for water boosting, gardening and irrigation, lifting water from boreholes in domestic and residential, civil and commercial applications and irrigation systems also for agriculture.

Filtration to prevent emitters clogging is essential to uniform water distribution. It is vital to protecting your investment, ensuring high production quality and profitable yield.